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AngularJS chat with Loopback and – Backend

As announced some days ago in this tutorial we will see how to build a chat application using AngularJS as frontend and Loopback for backend. A demo can be found here. The communications from AngularJS to the backend will be made via REST API, meanwhile the real time messaging will be handled with The chat will be available only for registered users so we need to setup the authentication process in both AngularJS and in Loopback. A user, once logged in, can join an already created room or can create new rooms as he like.

Loopback and AngularJs first tutorial

Loopback is one of the most promising Node Js framework based on Express and maintained from Strongloop a nice startup based in San Mateo and recently acquired by IBM.  Strongloop and Loopback are enterprise grade framework for web and mobile application developed on NodeJS and based on Express. In this tutorial we will use Loopback to create a simple API backend to serve a Todo application. We will not use the visual tool, arc, provided by Strongloop but instead we will use simple command line tool to model all the needed component for the application.

Meteor server side file upload

In the last tutorial we have seen how to load the Medium Editor clone in our Meteor application. The editor come with the insert plugin that give us the possibility to add images and embedded in our text. The plugin make use of the jquery file uploader and need an endpoint to call to stream the file to upload. Meteor from it side doesn’t support REST API so we have to implement one and make it able to accept data as the payload of the HTTP request.

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