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Meteor server side file upload

In the last tutorial we have seen how to load the Medium Editor clone in our Meteor application. The editor come with the insert plugin that give us the possibility to add images and embedded in our text. The plugin make use of the jquery file uploader and need an endpoint to call to stream the file to upload. Meteor from it side doesn’t support REST API so we have to implement one and make it able to accept data as the payload of the HTTP request.

Laravel 5 File upload, storage and download

For this tutorial what we want to achieve is to have a file upload and download system in our Laravel 5 application using the new Storage features. The example is intentionally easy but you can easily extend the concept.

For the purpose we are going to create a database table where we store the file informations. This is needed when we  download the file from the application. With the abstraction of the Storage API you can save the file where you like, locally on the local disk like in the example or Amazon S3 servers, or others.

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