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Angular 2 Beta Simple Todo application [Obsolete]

After long time of waiting finally the Angular2 Framework, or ng2 if you prefer, passed in Beta stage. It’ s not the final version so, a lot of thing may change before the official release but for sure we can consider it more stable then when I wrote the first basic tutorial. In the new version of this powerful framework, there is lot of things to learn so i will start with a very basic tutorial.

Laravel 5 REST Api Basic Authentication Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to use Laravel 5 to serve as a REST API backend implementing also a simple basic HTTP Authentication to store data for different users of the application. We will use a middleware to provide the authentication for the REST call. This middleware will authorize the user at every request without storing info about session  or using  token. If you want to read something about the token authentication click here .

Laravel 5 and AngularJS Tutorial

For this first Laravel 5 and AngularJS tutorial we are going to build a simple Todo Application. We will use the resource routing of Laravel 5 to crete a REST API for the backend of the application and the powerfull of AngularJS for the frontend.

This tutorial suppose you have already installed Laravel and all the LAMP stack on your development machine. If not, i can suggest you to follow the official Laravel guide to get Vagrant Homestead installed.

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