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AngularJS chat with Loopback and Socket.io – Backend

As announced some days ago in this tutorial we will see how to build a chat application using AngularJS as frontend and Loopback for backend. A demo can be found here. The communications from AngularJS to the backend will be made via REST API, meanwhile the real time messaging will be handled with Socket.io. The chat will be available only for registered users so we need to setup the authentication process in both AngularJS and in Loopback. A user, once logged in, can join an already created room or can create new rooms as he like.

Laravel 5 and Socket.io Tutorial

Think about an app where you want to notify events to the users… probably you want to make it in realtime…

Web socket and Socket.IO in particular make it possible. But Laravel from it side doesn’t have direct support for http socket, so we have to implement a little NodeJS Socket.IO server and make possible to push message to it from the Laravel backend.

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