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Livereload with Grunt

Probably if you are developing web app you have found yourself reloading pages over and over again. Every little change in your code require a reload of the page by pressing F5. In this tutorial we are going to see how to use Grunt with Watch and Express to have a page autoreload every time a file change in the application.

MEAN Stack starting point tutorial

If you are here you are probably starting a new project from zero. Usually start developing on the mean stack without a framework but only with an empty folder can be frustrating. There is valid alternative out there like MEAN.io and the  MEAN.js framework but using this framework can be too much for a simple code test and usually it put a lot of  useless things in the pot.

File upload to GridFS on MEAN stack – MeanJS

Last day i was excited when reading about the GridFS feature of mongoDB.

GridFS is a specification for storing and retrieving files that exceed the BSON-document size limit of 16MB.

Instead of storing a file in a single document, GridFS divides a file into parts, or chunks, and stores each of those chunks as a separate document. By default GridFS limits chunk size to 255k. GridFS uses two collections to store files. One collection stores the file chunks, and the other stores file metadata.

MongoDB site

What we want to achieve with this tutorial is the ability for our app to upload a file from a form and save it to a mongoDB – GridFS store and the retrive it with a GET call.

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