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Lumen Storage and AngularJS

Welcome to the second tutorial about the newly crafted framework, Lumen. For this tutorial we are going to see how to create a file service with Lumen using the Storage API and AngularJS as frontend.
The good on using the storage API, like we have seen in Laravel, is the possibility to switch the storage method just changing the configuration. You can switch trough local filesystem, Amazon S3 an others as you need.

Lumen by Laravel first Tutorial

On the 14th of April 2015, the  Laravel team announced Lumen.

This new framework made from Taylor Otwell use the same core of  Laravel but it’s designed to build service and little application where speed is on the first needs. Not all the component we use in Laravel are available in Lumen but it share only something with his father.  Personally i’ve never used so much component has it’s in Laravel so in most case Lumen can be a valid substitute, but if in the middle of a project you will need to upgrade to Laravel there isn’t problem, just copy and paste your code, it’s fully Laravel compatible.

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