Favourite Button component for Vue JS

A simple snippet of code to generate a toggle favourite button made on Vue Js 2.1 .

The parent component will handle the togglefav fucntion swithing on the boolean value, true and false.


Laravel 5 and Angular 2 Beta setup

Like i did some time ago for AngularJS i want to write a simple tutorial useful to setup a new application using Laravel 5.2 and Angular 2 together using the asset pipeline offered by Laravel.
We are going to setup the 5 mins quickstart of Angular 2 Beta into a Laravel view. We will use Laravel Elixir to create a basic gulp task to compile the Typescript Angular code and to move some file. 

Angular 2 Beta Simple Todo application [Obsolete]

After long time of waiting finally the Angular2 Framework, or ng2 if you prefer, passed in Beta stage. It’ s not the final version so, a lot of thing may change before the official release but for sure we can consider it more stable then when I wrote the first basic tutorial. In the new version of this powerful framework, there is lot of things to learn so i will start with a very basic tutorial.

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